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Girls Indoor Track and Field Rules

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RITCA Information – Girls Indoor Track : revised 10/26/14 – Effective for 2014-2015 season

1.) JV meets : Fee – see RITCA invoice (or talk to John Menna, RITCA Treasurer), Most events contested – no 3K, regular meet order so 4×2 is 1st. No recorded times on oval events. Coaches must officiate / In January we will offer 200, 400, and 800 also if time permits . No awards
2.) JV state meet: No one in the top 14 on the performance list can compete in any event. *** an athlete # 15-18 on list can have a choice… BUT an athlete is allowed to compete at only 1 state meet…varsity or JV…relays are exempt!! No restrictions due to grade or event. But 9th graders will be allowed to compete but in only 1 field and 1 track event.. ex Jill does shot, 55, 4×2 , and 4×4= ok / so your 9th grader shot /weight girl can only do one of these evnts. * Alternates for the varsity state meet can compete if they are still alternates / Same restrictions as varsity state meet, any 4 events / finals in all field events , 8 to finals, min marks -shot -22/ weight -25 / HJ -4’0 /LJ -11’0 ** 1st legal mark will be measured Awards – top 6 medals / top 2 team plaques (Hytek-look for file)
3.) Freshmen State Meet : open to all 9th grade girls on RIIL teams . Same rules as the Varsity state meet, any 4 events, no min marks / HJ opens at 4’0 / finals in all and 8 to all finals / blocks in all spr Awards – top 6 medals / top 2 team plaques *** will be run as a coed meet w/ boys in 2015 (Hytek-look for file)
4.) Division Championships: 2 divisions run together. = 2 meets . Separate races on most some are combined ( 4×8, HJ, and some unseeded sections are combined). State meet order w/ 8 to all finals. Same limits as state meet BUT only 4 athletes per school per event. Top 6=awards. Min marks – HJ 4’2, shot 22, weight 25, LJ 13 (1st legal mark is measured) – seed for events must be from the list and not from non-list meets ( ie..JV, out of state, etc..). If no legit seed time then put none and athlete will compete in the unseeded. (Hytek-look for file)
5.) The Headley Meet : open to all girls on RIIL teams . State meet order and state meet rules (***No limit on athletes….you can enter 14 runners in the 1500 / one relay per school per event… all athletes need seeds/ can be from any meets or coach’s best estimate. No awards, no team score : Strict Entry standards – will be sent out on info flyer after start of season. Contact Norm B. for info sheet for file)
6.) The RITCA Invitational : a co-ed RITCA sponsored event: restrictions – state meet rules apply, as well as state meet order of events. **however – limit of 4 athletes per event per school!. Info sheet will be sent out at start of season by RITCA director again contact person (Girls) Norm B. (Hytek-look for file)
7.)Injury Fund Relay Carnival: divided by divisions in 2 meets ( Bayha /Dwyer and Sullivan /Headley) Track events (in order)#1- Sprint Medley(200,200, 400,800), #2-4×800, #3- Shuttle Hurdle relay (30-33-30-33), #4-4×200, #5- Distance Medley (1200,400,800,1600), #6 – 4×400
Field events : max of athletes is 3!! Long Jump , High Jump-open at 4’0 then 4’4 up 2, Shot Put , Weight Throw ** Incomplete teams can score. ex.- 2 jumpers
Awards: top 6 in each event =ribbons, top 2 teams plaques
Limitations = athletes can do any 3 events ; Sign up that day at site / have index cards filled out w/ school, athletes, event, seed. ** Need to put a seed time down, seeded heat will run 1st
**Relays (4×8, 4×4, and 4×2 ) times count towards states.. no other events do